Dr Chikosolu Obidoa is our new Corby Partner

Dr Chikosolu Obidoa chose Lakeside Corby for his first Partnership as he wanted to work in a large practice with thousands of patients. He is keen to learn from colleagues and eventually wants to specialise and become a Lead GP in a clinical area.
He qualified three years ago and has been doing long-term locum work, but felt that this was the right time and place to put down roots.

‘It sounds like a cliché but I love GP work and how different each day is. The patients are what makes it as if you don’t like patient contact you will struggle. The best part of my job is when I see older people because they are so grateful, maybe because they have lived long enough to know what healthcare was like before the NHS. I wanted to come to Corby as I wanted to become part of a ‘family’ practice with a lot of patients and Lakeside is that. The bonus is that there is a research unit and it just felt like if you had to be a GP Partner anywhere this is the right place to be.’


He is currently shadowing colleagues and is looking forward to building positive relationships with staff and patients: ‘So far everyone I have met has been super supportive, especially at Corby. Long term the plan is to find an area where hopefully I could find a need in the surgery and upskill and maybe become responsible for that as a Lead GP in the future. For now I am settling in and getting used to the systems and colleagues here and I am really enjoying it.

Published: Jun 10, 2024