Our GPs work closely as a team, and also with nursing, management and non-clinical colleagues, as well as community services. After reviewing your care you may not need to see a GP so we will direct you to the most appropriate team member to help.

Dr Kathryn Berry Dr Kathryn Berry GP Partner Dr Gavin Cattigan Dr Gavin Cattigan GP Partner Dr Sian Dronfield Dr Sian Dronfield GP Partner Dr Jean Moon Dr Jean Moon GP Partner Dr Kate Tizzard Dr Kate Tizzard GP Partner Dr Serena Bove Dr Serena Bove Salaried GP Dr Mary Chorbadijan Dr Mary Chorbadijan Salaried GP Dr Kate Cowie Dr Kate Cowie Salaried GP Dr Ritu Dhillan Dr Ritu Dhillan Salaried GP Dr Lizzie Watkins Dr Lizzie Watkins Salaried GP Dr Romek Wiles Dr Romek Wiles Salaried GP