PPG Minutes 19th September 2023

  • Date: Tuesday 19 September 2023
  • Time: 5pm
  • Location: Stamford Corn Exchange (Incorporating Patient Engagement Event and Presentation) 


  • Julie Clarke (JC) PPG Committee Chair (in person)
  • Elaine Hooper (EH) PPG Committee Member (in person)
  • John Morphy Godber (JMG) PPG Committee Member (in person)
  • Petar Opacic (PO) PPG Committee Member (in person)
  • Paul Matthews (PM) PPG Committee Member (in person)

Patient Engagement Attendees (Not in attendance for the PPG meeting)

  • Professor Jon Whitehead Co-Lead – Diabetes and Metabolism Research Group University of Lincoln
  • Keith Spurr Trustee – Stamford Health Education & Awareness Charity (SHEAC)


  • Alison Warrick (AW) PPG Committee Member 
  • Harrish Bisnauthsing (HB) PPG Committee Member 
  • Liz Thompson (LT) PPG Committee Member (Co-Opted)
  • Emma Wilson (EW) Patient Services Manager – Lakeside Healthcare Stamford

Chair’s welcome

JC welcomed the PPG and confirmed that the agenda for this month would be short, as the meeting coincides with the quarterly patient engagement event.  The meeting would therefore conclude at 5.30pm, when patients and public would have access for the presentation between 5.30 and 6.30pm


Minutes of last meeting

A proposal that the minutes of the August PPG meeting was accurate was made by PM and seconded by PO.


Chair’s update (including matters arising from minutes of last meeting)

JC reported that she had attended the Lincolnshire ICB PPG Chairs’ Meeting on 18 August and would give a fuller report at the next PPG meeting.  One PPG Chair at that meeting said they had chosen to team up with their neighbouring (unrelated) practice PPG to hold an awareness event. This is positive news and it is good to hear that separately-owned practices can do something like this. JC suggested that Lakeside PPG consider working with one of our neighbouring practices to hold such an event.  To be discussed at the next PPG meeting.

Matters arising from last meeting

  • EW was to report back about the possibility of the PPG speaking to Lakeside’s Process Improvement/Quality team.
  • A decision was to be made by the Practice about extended hours access to the Doctrin system.

Lakeside Update

EW was due to attend the meeting, but had unfortunately called into work unwell that morning, so a written update was provided by Teri White, Sheepmarket Hub Manager, as follows:

Operational Excellence (Quality Improvement) has provided feedback to staff following the interviews that took place. Project Management Team leading this have been on annual leave and had sickness in their team, so had not had any further sessions with the team at the surgery.

This will be back on track week commencing 25th September and workstreams are being worked on with the site. Once we have commenced this, we will look to introduce the PM team to the PPG as requested. 

Doctrin is back open and currently operating between 3:00pm to 8:00pm

As mentioned at the last meeting we have new Salaried GP commencing 16th October. 
Interviews to take place for Pharmacy Technicians in the next week. 
New Senior Clinical Pharmacist currently going through onboarding process and due to commence Mid December 
Offering position to a Patient Services Advisor and then team will be fully staffed. 
Looking to recruit to our nursing team to further bolster, including a Nurse Practitioner/Advance Nurse Practitioner and Practice Nurse. 

Flu/Covid: First Flu/covid clinic scheduled for Saturday 30th September. Invites sent to over 65’s and team are in the process of inviting 18-64 in a clinical at-risk group and will be offered both vaccines. 
Surgery team are working with and liaising with the LICB Vaccination Team for administration of vaccines to Care Home staff/residents and housebound patients.

The PPG responded to some of the points raised in the report and reiterated some of the issues which are ongoing. Since no member of Lakeside was present, these will be included in items to be discussed at the next meeting. 


Date/Time/Location of next meeting

Thursday 5th October 2023, 5pm at Sheepmarket Surgery

The meeting concluded at 5.30pm, in readiness for the quarterly patient engagement event. The Chair introduced Professor Jon Whitehead, who was, to give a presentation to attendees on Diabetes and Sleeping Disorders. The presentation was extremely well-received and Professor Whitehead kindly stayed on to take questions afterwards.